CRECE Soccer Programs

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Our purposes for this program is geared towards: a formal education, the development of athletic potential, their physical and mental health, to reduce the violence in the community, to instill the importance of social and community (leadership) work, to instill in parents and children to participate and organize program activities, and the participation in community activities.

This program was created with the intentions of preventing violence through recreational and educational activities such as soccer. It is important for parents to support their children, since the creation of this program is to keep children out of trouble that could potentially affect their lives.

Children are encouraged and motivated to participate in healthy activities, physical and recreational.

We are currently accepting boys and girls from ages 5-18.

Our Soccer Field Location is TBA.


Practice Times:


How to join?

  • All registration forms and other information regarding the program are given during the soccer practices hours
  • This program is free of cost
  • The only thing we require is the participation of the children and their parents

For more information regarding the Youth Soccer League please contact Tulio Serrano at (510) 393-9546 or call our office at (510) 533-8140

How you can help?

Participation in the teams and events for children and families is free of charge.  You can help us keep the program strong by helping us secure the following resources:

  •  A proper practice and game field
  •  Uniforms, insurance, trophies and prizes, tournament fees, referees, etc.
  •  Soccer equipment for the children to use while in practice

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Motivate you children to participate in activities that are healthy, physical and recreational. 

Thank you!