Bringing Hope

El Salvador Delegation Report 2016

On this visit to El Salvador we took eight 30 by 30 boxes filled with different donations. On this occasion we were able to donate 300 pairs of shoes, 300 backpacks, and a lot of clothing for men, women, children, and youth. We visited three communities and a school. This year we helped 3,500-4,000 people, distributed all the donations, organized cultural events, broke a piñata and brought much joy. We also developed a soccer tournament for children aged six to ten years. The reason why we have focused on sports and cultural events is because people live in a difficult situation where young people cannot go out and have fun for fear of violence that exists in their neighborhood. Since the gangs have controlled 95 percent of El Salvador, various neighborhoods and villages have fallen victim. This situation leaves the entire general population terrified. For youth and the community in general there is only sadness, anxiety, pain, and grief. In the communities we arrived we could see the joy of those communities through the events that we organized. It is very important for us to know these situations that affect our people, because it makes us feel more committed to helping in different ways and helps us work harder to serve the people.

This time around we had meetings with community organizations and individuals in order to work on restructuring CRECE El Salvador being. We formed a new group of 21 people made up of coordinators and volunteers. The purpose of the new committee is to monitor the needs of the communities and at the same time run projects to help alleviate the needs of the people. In our committee we have a bishop of the Orthodox Church, two doctors, a lawyer, and some students. We believe that with the work of CRECE Oakland and CRECE El Salvador we can do many things on a large scale in the future. This year we will work to legalize CRECE El Salvador to also become a non-profit organization. The hard thing about CRECE Oakland and CRECE El Salvador is that we do not have the necessary resources like money, adequate space for all our events, and computers. Even so we are doing our best to help both communities.


This is how CRECE arrives humbly at communities to organize social, fun, cultural and solidarity events

Purpose for the year 2017:

  1. Strengthen our connections with communities
    2. Create and generate community development projects
    3. Raise the level of organizations in communities in order to promote unity, love and pacifism
    4. Promote art and culture
    5. Promote sports
    6. Encourage children in communities to further school education
    7. Create sport programs such as football, folk dance group, and musician groups

With this we can help reduce youth violence, and ensure that our children can have a higher level of education. We will work to implement during the 2017 visit, both dental and physical health fairs for the benefit of communities that do not normally have these opportunities. We will visit in the last week of July so take note of the date if you wish to accompany us. This visit will be very important because we will be developing activities and projects that are different from the previous years.

List of necessities:

  1. Clothing
  2. Shoes
  3. Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  4. Medicine
  5. Musical Instruments
  6. School Supplies
  7. Sport Materials
  8. Cash to continue providing scholarships to our students in Salvadorian communities
  9. House and means of transport (we know this is expensive, but the need exists and any small or big donation will be much appreciated.)

We look forward to your support.

Thanks to all who helped and supported the Bringing Hope to El Salvador project. On behalf of the communities we thank you greatly.

Since 1994, the CRECE Bringing Hope Project has been organizing delegations to deliver clothing, shoes, medicine, sport materials, and school supplies, etc. to children and families in rural communities in El Salvador.

CRECE is committed to working for social justice, in solidarity with Central American people. We raise support for under served communities in El Salvador and in the United States. This year we will support the popular store in El Perico community. This support goes to assist in the community’s economic development. Our delegation is also teaming up with Salvadoran doctors to bring a health fair to the communities that we will visit. In addition, we plan to fix the ceiling of a school in the village of El Perico, to protect children from the sun when the attend classes. With our help communities benefit saving money they can use for other basic needs.

We will be staying in the communities for a cultural exchange, to learn about contemporary problems these communities face, and how we can collaborate to solve such problems. we will participate in meetings with youth that have received educational scholarships from CRECE in order to understand the challenges students in rural areas face to complete higher education in El Salvador. We will also meet with some deputies of the FMLN from the Legislative Assembly to learn about how current reforms are impacting the lives of Salvadoran citizens.   Last year, we brought donations to different communities including:

  • The Divine Providence cancer hospital in San Salvador
  • The rural community of San Jose de la Ceiva Teculuca in the department of San Vicente
  • The rural community of Rosario Maria (El Perico) in the department of Cuscutlan
  • The rural community of Los Lagartos

 The donations shown below are related to the Bringing Hope Project, and were taken as part of our Delegation to El Salvador trip made during July 2016. 

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The types of donations CRECE has given in the past year, is the same amount of items we have given for 20 consecutive years.

Funding. Approximately one thousand people benefited from our donations, with an estimated values of $40,000. Last year, we donated two printers, 200 pairs of shoes, 300 backpacks, $1,800 of medicine and medical supplies, toothbrushes, toothpaste, clothes, school supplies, beading kits, toys, and eight candy-filled piñatas.

University Scholarships. Each year, CRECE holds events around the Bay Area and asks for donations for university scholarships for two young adults in El Salvador, Approximately $125 per month pays tuition and supplies to attend university. These students will become the next generation of teachers, engineers, and social workers.

Medicine. CRECE hols medical and dental clinics and distributes basic medications in both communities led by an American doctor. Last year we recruited doctors from the Salvadoran Ministry of Health to assist.

Politics. Members of CRECE had the opportunity this year to meet with representatives of the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly to discuss domestic and international politics.

Success. The communities are able to expand their businesses and become more economically self-sustainable each year supported by the money CRECE brings. Youth are motivated to be successful. There is also cross-cultural exchange of world views and daily struggles between our delegation and the townspeople.

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Donations are collected all-year-round for this event. If you would like to give donations of clothing, shoes, school supplies, laptops, toothbrushes, toothpaste, beading kits, sports equipment, toys, backpacks or any other type of donation is welcomed. All donations and checks should be sent to


P.O. Box 7326

Oakland, CA 94601 

CRECE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Your donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

For more information regarding the program you can contact for

Spanish call Tulio Serrano at (510) 393-9546 or e-mail at

English call Lynne Wilkins at (510) 461-4982 or e-mail at

Help us help others.

No matter how small the contribution may be, it can make a huge difference in someones life.

We thank you for your collaboration!

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