Welcome to CRECE East Bay

We are the Central American Refugee Committee, also known as CRECE, located in East Oakland, CA. We are pleased to share with you our work within the Latino community.

Who we are


CRECE is a grassroots organization, whose mission is to organize and educate the Latino immigrant community to improve its social, economic and cultural conditions.

CRECE was created in 1990 to help Central Americans in the Bay Area and abroad. Our goal in El Salvador is to help rural communities with donations and access to resources.

In 2014 we started the CRECE Oakland-El Salvador Association in El Salvador. There are a number of volunteers currently participating, and they are the ones who will work to develop their own projects in the communities and establish national and international connections. All this work will be done in coordination with CRECE Oakland.

What we do

  • Classes for parents with children 0-5 years of age
  • Food distribution
  • Youth empowerment programs
  • Immigration and health workshops
  • “Bringing Hope” delegations El Salvador – open to everyone!
  • Soccer program
  • Cultural celebrations
  • Referrals for people who are seeking social services

CRECE brings hope to rural communities of El Salvador:

As an essential part of its mission, CRECE has adopted two rural communities in El Salvador. CRECE members visit these communities once a year for a few days and help coordinate donation of clothing, shoes, medicines, toys and school and sports supplies. Approximately 1,500 people benefit from this project.

Bringing Hope would like to invite you to participate in our delegation to El Salvador from July 25- August 5 of 2018. We are committed in working for social justice, and to the integrity that we have maintained in our work both here and abroad.

Some days we will stay in the communities and have exchanges and help develop social and cultural events. We will participate in meetings with youth as well as with various members of the community. We will  We will buy piñatas for fun events for children,  We will have meetings with some deputies from the Legislative Assembly to learn about the realities our people live in currently. There will be visits to a few historical places of the Civil War and participation in a student march that commemorates the Anniversary of the Massacre on July 30th of 1979. There will also be some time free time set aside for recreational activities.

During this visit we are also planning on setting up health fairs, where we can provide free dental and/or medical checkups to the public. This will depend on donations of medical supplies received.

Aside from supporting and sharing with the rural communities, this will be a learning and motivational experience that will give us the opportunity to form bonds, friendships and solidarity.

If you are interested in being part of our delegation please notify us as soon as possible. You should make your flight reservation to the San Salvador, El Salvador Airport (SAL), if possible, to arrive on July 25th at 8:00am.  You decide how many days you would like to participate. If you wish to stay for the duration of the scheduled activities, then you can book your return flight for August 5th.

Spending Approximations:

  1. -Airline ticket: $600 to $800
  2. -Hotel expenses: $25-$30 per day
  3. -Transportation by land: $15-$20 daily (Depends on # of participants)
  4. -Food: $10-$20 daily

Additionally, we ask participants of the Delegation to help us to carry one suitcase with donations.

If you are unable to participate, you can help by giving monetarily or through donations of materials. Your donations are tax deductible. Another way you can help is by organizing events, presentations, sales, celebrating birthdays or donating funds for the solidarity project.

If you speak Spanish and want more information you can contact Tulio Serrano at:   (510) 393-9546 or send an email to creceoakland@sbcglobal.net.

If English your first language, please contact Lynne Wilkins at:                                        (510) 461-4982 or email at programs@englishcenter.edu.

In behalf of the BRINGING HOPE COMMITTEE and all of our collaborating communities assisting us for this great cause, we thank you immensely for your ongoing support.

Help us help others. No matter how small your donation, it can make a huge difference.

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Estimated Delegation Expenses:

Boxes sent prior to delegation arrival, 3 (30x 30) $1,050.00
Tournament for Peace – for 35 participating teams. Includes uniforms, equipment, referee fees, snacks and water, etc. $2,700.00
Cultural event in the community of Cinquera, to cover cost of food and entertainment.

Cultural event in other community of Chalatenango, to cover the cost of food and entertainment.



Purchase of piñatas for children in various communities.

Dental equipment and supplies for dental health fair, including exams, cleanings and consultations for children who may need referrals to dental offices.

$   250.00


Total $7,950.00

CRECE’s Soccer Program Needs Your Help!

Click here to download the form- CRECE sponsorship form 2018